Has Google Changed Ever So Slightly?

You know that old Bradbury story, and the Simpson’s redo of it, where someone goes back in time, steps on a butterfly, and when they return, everything is slightly different? Has this happened?

I look at Google’s Press Center, and I find no mention of this, but things have changed ever so slightly. For instance, in Google Analytics, over the last couple of days, the current day no longer shows up on the graph even if you specify it in the date selection drop down box. Even stranger, the layout of the Advanced Search Page is different. This morning, I was trying to parse out the URL code for a search, and I think the coding there may have changed as well.

Am I crazy? Has anyone else noticed this?


  1. #1 Christie
    March 11, 2008

    Pretty sure you’re not crazy, I’ve noticed little things changing in gmail for the past few days as well. I hope they get it stabilized soon.

    Found an old post on the Official Google Blog explaining why this happens:


    No two people in my household currently have exactly the same Google layout and features. Now I know why.