Race and Racism Redux

I had a plan, to get on board with Sciencwoman, who is putting out a series of posts on Racial Diversity, Race and Racism, with a post on this topic. However, Friday was a tough day, Saturday was a no-blogger (because of something else I was doing that I’ll tell you about later), I don’t remember a thing about Sunday, I had a late meeting Monday, and I’m teaching tonight. So I have not had time to spend the effort this post needed. (Aren’t you glad I don’t usually write blog posts telling you what I had for breakfast and why I blogged more or less on a given day?)

But I still want to get on board and help make this a topic of broader interest right now, so I’ve assembled a bunch of related links.

To start with, here are Sciencewoman’s posts:

Why are my students so white?
White privilege and raising a child (Mommy Monday)
My ethnic story, part I
My ethnic story, part II

Here is a selection of my posts on the topic:

Falsehood: Poor people have more babies…
Montoya on Race and Disease
Racism, Creationism, Darwinism
A timely report by Glenn Loury
Essence Carson is my hero
Why fire Imus?
The Road From Slavery to Reparations…
Racist Racing Model Stumbles
The Hurricane Lantern Effect
James Watson: Please bend over while I kick your freakin ass.
Watson’s Lecture Canceled
My Journey Through Racism
Eugenics and Superior White Intelligence. Connected?
Yet Another Gene for Intelligence
Halloween is a great time to bring out the racism in the racists
Talking about Racism
Reduced Verbal Ability in African American Children
Race is a social construct and a self fulfilling prophecy all wrapped up together
As Race Moves to South Race Becomes Main Issue
Minnesota al Qaeda Attack Thwarted by Patriot … or maybe not (mostly not about racism per se)
Turns out I’m a white guy


  1. #1 llewelly
    March 11, 2008

    Nearly every article from your own site came with a google ad for ‘Expelled’.

  2. #2 Greg Laden
    March 11, 2008


    Indeed. See this:

    Ben Stein, Expelled