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Wolves, Coyotes, Pronghorns.

The big, bad wolf could use a few friends. If western states remove the gray wolf from protection under the Endangered Species Act–a decision currently under debate–consequences could be grave. Wyoming and Idaho announced they would reduce their populations of approximately 300 and 700 wolves, respectively, by 50 percent and 80 percent. Amidst the debate,…

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Yale Peabody Evolution Exhibit

Charles Darwin turns 200 next year–Happy birthday, dude!–and the Peabody Museum of Natural History is getting excited. You would think that a couple centuries would have kicked the last bit of dust over the grave of “intelligent design,” but sadly, it ain’t so. The people at the Peabody still have some convincing to do, and…

Blogospherics – Recommended reads

How to tell if your housemate is an Atheist, in Pharyngula’s So that’s why I wear tennis shoes with my suit. Effect Measure on Pandemic flu “lockdown” nonsense. Submit your Carnival of Education Entries to The Education Wonks. Catalogue of Organisms explores Slime Nets: Another Group of Not-Fungi Tangled up in Blue Guy posts about…

My Authority Has A Nice Round Number

Hey, my Technorati Authority is now 500. So that means that whatever crap I say, you have to believe it because I have Authority. Just keep that in mind, OK? (Does anyone really know what this means?)

Carnival of the Liberals

The Blog Carnival, is here, at Tangled up in Blue Guy

The Browser Acid Test

The Acid Test is a webs standards test to which browsers can be subjected to see which is best. Here are some of the current results for browsers that are released (the one you are likely to use if your software is reasonably well updated): Konqueror on Ubuntu 7.10: 62% Epiphany on Ubuntu 8.04: 59%…

Faces of Shame

This is a picture of David Vitter, who was caught up in a prostitution ring in 2007. His face exhibits a certain look, one that may be referred to as an expression of shame. Here we have New York Governor, or should I say the Former New York Governor, Eliot Spitzer, in a state of…

… well, just a little carnival. More like a street fair. On a small side street: