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Play Windows Games on your Linux

Play On Linux is a script written in bash that helps you to manage Wine on your Linux box. After using Wine we realised that it sometimes needs complex commands. PlayOnLinux helps you to soften the processn making your life even easier in the Linux world. More, some people who care about the games they…

What do Linux and Santa have in common? What is the name of Murdock’s Linux Distribution? Give me a three letter word for a Unix Mail Client. How about a 5 letter word for a Linux Distro for Martini Lovers? If you know ANY of these, you can start filling out this Linux Crossword Puzzle.

“Can we create new life out of our digital universe?” asks Craig Venter. And his answer is, yes, and pretty soon. He walks the TED2008 audience through his latest research into “fourth-generation fuels” — biologically created fuels with CO2 as their feedstock. His talk covers the details of creating brand-new chromosomes using digital technology, the…

Teacher’s Carnival

Teacher Potluck Carnival: The Pi Day Edition is Here.

Spitzer Makes Remarkable Bounceback

Governor Spitzer, only recently deposed for committing the crime of being a Democrat on the Republican Hit List, has already launched a new career as a Telescope: Spitzer Finds Organics and Water Where New Planets May Grow from Researchers using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope have discovered large amounts of simple organic gases and water…

Fun with numbers

I’ve seen one or another version of this before, and I’m never quite sure what the point is. But it is interesting in parts: Is this meant to be sobering, or scary?

The story of PCR

You’ve all seen the PCR song: I also recommend a look at this post on the Punk Professor’s Blog

A lesbian couple will become the first same-sex couple in Greece to marry when they exchange vows in a civil ceremony next week in an Athens suburb. The LGBT rights group OLKE said Thursday it had found a loophole in a 26 year old update of the Greek civil marriage law that refers only to…