i-8223a807dee5d950c293026addb2606c-linux_xword.jpgWhat do Linux and Santa have in common? What is the name of Murdock’s Linux Distribution? Give me a three letter word for a Unix Mail Client. How about a 5 letter word for a Linux Distro for Martini Lovers?

If you know ANY of these, you can start filling out this Linux Crossword Puzzle.

The problem, of course, with crossword puzzles is that not everything in Crossword Puzzle Land jives with actual reality. There are subtleties we experience in real life that are glossed in Crossword Puzzle Land to make the clues work. Then there are things like animals you will never see (like the “ern” .. or “erne” … which actually a kind of Eagle much like the Bald Eagle that lives only in Greenland and sometimes Iceland).

I wonder what such oddities in Linux Crossword Puzzle Land would be?

Oh by the way, be very careful doing this crossword, it’s tricky. It is case sensitive. I assume.


  1. #1 Ben Zvan
    March 14, 2008

    That was fun! Unfortunately, an amp is not a measurement of power, it’s a measurement of current.