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Pi e

What is Pi e? Arcane humor. Why do I mention it? Because this is the subject of a new Reader’s Poll. Our new editor, Virginia Hughes seems to really like these polls, and she’s cool, so go and help her out. Which do you prefer. ? or e? Check out the poll.

Planetarium On Your Computer

If you are interested in astronomy, you know that there are a lot of Planetarium applications that you can install on your computer in order to find your way around the night sky. Kstars is a well known standby for KDE (but of course it will run under Gnome as well). Search for “stars” in…

LOL Kats: The Movie!

With a musical score especially made for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Gods, Ads and Robots

The story is about a girl born with four eyes and two faces, in India (I suppose, two eyes per face). She might, according to some, be a reincarnation of the God Ganesha. I strongly suspect not. She probably will be the victim of the usual unsavory attention by the press, and the insane speculation…

More Blog Things to Do

There is a Pharyngula Bash Fest over at Sandwalk, including all the usual suspects other than Larry Moran himself, such as the weird anonymous bloggers of BlaBlaBlaBlog. PZ is getting raked over the coals good, but some of the Pharyngulistas are in there defending him as well. Speaking of Pharyngulistas, this is a topic much…

Sometimes the items falling into my in-box are totally random and unconnected. Sometimes they fit together very nicely. Then, there are the times they fit together in a random and unconnected sort of way.

Blogospherics – Recommended reads

Respectful Insolence: Bad scientific arguments in the service of “animal rights” activism Post doc ergo propter doc on Funding Science Framing Science claims: If You Watch FIVE HOURS of Cable News, Expect to Find ONE MINUTE of Coverage Devoted to Either Science or the Environment Sandwalk tells us: IDiots Get Public Funding for their Schools…


The following is a total ripoff of Steve Martin, who pulled the same exact gag on one of his early TV specials. But it is still fun: [Totally ripped from Sandwalk]

A number of staff of a Los Angeles Hospital will likely lose their jobs for reading Britney Spears’ medical records.