More Blog Things to Do

There is a Pharyngula Bash Fest over at Sandwalk, including all the usual suspects other than Larry Moran himself, such as the weird anonymous bloggers of BlaBlaBlaBlog. PZ is getting raked over the coals good, but some of the Pharyngulistas are in there defending him as well.

Speaking of Pharyngulistas, this is a topic much more interesting that Larry Moran’s hit meter: Tangled Up in Blue Guy has a lengthy and thoughtful rant about fish. Not just any fish, but fish as a metaphor for all that stinks. It is possible that God has spoken to mike:

Death is a necessary part of life. There is no escape, even for the creosote bush.

but I don’t think so .. I”m pretty sure it was Mike who told me to never trust a burning bush. Anyway, check out Faith is Rational

Coturnix has a series of things you must attend to. First, a video on how authors of research papers get totally ripped off by the Pirate Publishers. Second, he’s got a cover for the new Journal Club at PLoS. Check it out.


  1. #1 Mike Haubrich, FCD
    March 17, 2008

    Well, if you want to reduce it to fish that stink I guess that’s okay; but my point is that the symbol becomes the siren call for a false commodity.

    Thanks for the linking, Greg! I’ll have to buy you a beer at The Local if you can make it on Saturday.