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I’m happy to say that Amanda still read my blog every day. Almost. [Stolen from here.]

War in Iraq: History Repeats Itself

Or at least, as Mark Twain said, “… it rhymes.” When George Bush invaded Iraq, I was immediately reminded of Julian the Apostate. I’ve read about Julian the Apostate, and I can tell you, George Bush is not Julian the Apostate. But, Julian died during his ill fated campaign in the region, so that is…


Easter Eve and Easter Tidbits

I always like to spend the evening before Easter surrounded by atheists, as a sort of preparation for the holiest day on the Christian calendar. Easter is the day that Jesus Christ (“Christ” as in Christ-ian … get it?) is said to have risen from the dead. You have to be suspicious of a holiday…

War On Easter Surprise Attack

News outlets are reporting a surprise attack on Easter. War weary from epoch fighting in the War on Christmas, only recently suspended, most analysts had predicted that there would be no War on Easter this year. But they were wrong. From the front:

Technology Tidbits

Mostly Linux stuff below the fold…

Open Access Beer

Generally, inhabitants of Bohemia (western region of the Czech Republic) are known to drink more beer than people from Moravia (eastern region of the country). This difference was confirmed for my sample of researchers: researchers from Bohemia drank significantly more beer per capita per year (median 200.0 litres) than those from Moravia What’s it all…

Happy Easter

But wait, there’s more….

The Boneyard

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