Philippine Eagle


Don’t mess with me, man, I’m a Philippine Eagle, Pithecophaga jefferyi. You can call me Jeff.

This bird is almost extinct.


  1. #1 Scott Belyea
    March 28, 2008

    This bird is almost extinct.

    Quick … nail him to the perch before it’s too late …

  2. #2 g bruno
    March 29, 2008

    The breeding program (near Davao City) involved a guy dressed in an eagle suit, the male flies in and…
    Now that deserves a medal.

  3. #3 marian_simion
    December 25, 2008

    One of the cooler looking eagles around.

  4. #4 Gennalyn
    September 3, 2009

    This bird is Philippine’s pride.. Let’s care for them and for the Mother nature as well, like me I am just an ordinary citizen but we can help by supporting PHILPPINE EAGLE FOUNDATION and give donations for their project in conserving this beautiful bird.. have mercy on Philippine Monkey-eating eagle (HARIBON), As the National Geographic quote them – A KING WITHOUT KINGDOM… I hope influential people in the Philippines and the government will also give importance at this matter.

  5. #5 Umesh Chaudhari
    January 16, 2011

    One of the magnificent birds in my life. I haven’t seen this bird with my naked eyes, but I would die to see this illusive bird in the wild. Sadly, this bird is in peril of extinction. Let’s save Philippine Eagle.

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