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Free German Lessons

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Don’t forget the Earth!!!

The Earth Hour, that is! March 29th is Earth Hour Day. From 8pm to 8pm in your local time zone, you are to switch off the lights and stuff. A number of astronomers out for an early evening look at the stars will thank you, and the Earth will thank you. More details here.


The Friday Ark on Modulator and Carnival of the Liberals # 61 at Last Left Turn…

PZ Myers is not pulling punches with Expelled! and the enigmatically moronic producers of said movie.

The University of California Board of Regents today (March 27) voted unanimously to appoint Mark G. Yudof, current head of the University of Texas system and a recognized leader in American higher education, the 19th president of the University of California. The appointment was made during a special meeting of the board following a search…

Gene Genie #24

Welcome to Gene Genie #24: with a heavy emphasis on Personal Genetics The previous Gene Genie was hosted at DNAdirect Talk and it is still fresh, so go have a look if you have not already. The next Gene Genie will be hosted at My Biotech Life. By the way, the Gene Genie logo was…

Please try not to laugh at me…

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You can learn to be nice

According to a study just out in PLoS, you can learn to be nice. This study, using functional MRI brain imaging, assessed brain activity while meditation experts produced a meditative state called a “loving-kindness-compassion state” (and here I was thinking that the “loving-kindness-compassion state” was Vermont… ).

Saving the Red Breasted Goose

Branta ruficollis is endangered. The Red Breasted Goose International Working Group (RbGIWG, which is unpronounceable) has a new species action plan to save this critter. Here’s some info from Redbrested Goose Central: Red-breasted Goose (Branta ruficollis) is a charismatic globally threatened species highly dependent on wetlands and farmed areas. In the last 50 years, the…