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Alas, poor blog.

I hate it when people go on and on about why they didn’t blog today. I’d rather hear what someone had for breakfast ….

Academic Freedom Bills on Talk Radio

This Sunday, on KTNF AM 950 Minneapolis Atheist Talk Radio, Host Mike Haubrich will host the 9:00 AM talk show. His special guest, speaking about Academic “Freedom” bills and related matters, will be Me. Details here.

Linux vs. BSD

Finally. A remake worth re making

I recommend partitioning your hard drive so that you have a small partition for the system and a large partition for the /home directory. Now, for a point of comparison, how to install Windows Vista… … how well this goes will depend on the machine you want to install Vista in:

Orangutans Are Amazing

This is a photograph of a male orangutan attempting to spear a fish.

Poll Expelled! By Ben Stein

Expelled!, the so called documentary, has a web site on MySpace. Recently they ran a poll asking if Intelligent Design should be taught in schools or not. The results of that poll overwhelming indicate “no” … with 420 thousand “nay” votes and fewer than one thousand in favor of violating the tenets of the Constitution…


The Dessert Course of the (second) Soup To Nuts Progressive Dinner Blog Carnival is Here at Fear and Loathing…

Francisco Ayala Proflied in NYT

An evolutionary biologist and geneticist at the University of California, Irvine, he speaks often at universities, in churches, for social groups and elsewhere, usually in defense of the theory of evolution and against the arguments of creationism and its ideological cousin, intelligent design. Usually he preaches to the converted. But not always. … Read the…

The Homeschooler Mind Set

Home schooling is probably a really good idea for a lot of people, but only for a certain (unknown) percentage of people who actually do it. And, among those who do manage to home school, I would guess that the effectiveness of home schooling varies from pretty good to dismal because homeschoolers are doing it…