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“All sorts of computer errors are now turning up. You’d be surprised to know the number of doctors who claim they are treating pregnant men. ” -Isaac Azimov

I don’t have time to really do this paper justice, but I wanted you to know about it. It’s at PLoS, and therefore you don’t have to be special to read it free. Understanding the dynamics of human body weight change has important consequences for conditions such as obesity, starvation, and wasting syndromes. Changes of…

I came across this chilling misanthropic missive in support of home schooling.

DNA Replication Process

DNA Transcription

DNA Replication

DNA Structure

As she accepts her 2008 TED Prize, author and scholar Karen Armstrong talks about how the Abrahamic religions — Islam, Judaism, Christianity — have been diverted from the moral purpose they share to foster compassion. But Armstrong has seen a yearning to change this fact. People want to be religious, she says; we should act…