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Recently published research shows that individual humans will be nicer (more altruistic) when there is the possibility that the recipient of an act can respond verbally. The paper, “Anticipated verbal feedback induces altruistic behavior” is published in Evolution and Human Behavior for March.

This is a brief overview of one school’s foray into the OpenSource operating system Linux.

Anti-Gay Kern In New Flap

Remember Sally Kern? Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, which only two weeks ago reached out to an Oklahoma lawmaker who said gays are “the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism,” is now involved in a new dispute with Rep. Sally Kern (R). Kern accuses the group of misrepresenting…

Expelled Fizzles

From FOX: After seeing a new non-fiction film starring Comedy Central’s Ben Stein, you may not only be able to win his money, but also his career. Stein is that whiny little guy with the monotone voice that makes him seem funny and an unlikely “character” for TV appearances. But that career may be over…

This is an argument from Steve Shives: There are many, many things I find dubious about the practice of parents homeschooling their children. I wonder how a mother or father who has not been educated as a teacher, who in many cases has not even been to college her/himself, can possibly provide their child with…


The Blog Carnival Four Stone Hearth, Vol. 38: The Early Bird Special Edition is now up at A Very Remote Period.

Just for fun:

Expelled! Exposed!!

Please Visit Expelled Exposed … the National Center for Science Education’s official response to the Ben Stein movie Expelled .. you will find this collection of resources helpful!!!!!!

The atheists are on the march like never before. Why? Because creation is also being discussed like never before and they are worried! This weeklong series of lectures and activities will equip you and your children with the necessary tools and information to dramatically affect this world for Christ.

Happy Birthday Cheeta!

Cheeta, yoiu may not realize this, but it was YOU who got me interested in Africa and Anthropolology! Happy 76th birhday! You don’t look a day over 50 or so. And no, I don’t say that to all the chimps, just some of them.