Blogospherics – Recommended reads

Why do we read blogs?

“The rise of blogging clearly represents a significant social phenomenon, but studying it poses a challenge in part because defining a blog is not a simple thing….” Blogging Meets Literary Analysis… at ars technica…

Blogs Bashing Expelled! The Movie

Press Releases are Written by Stupid People and What can be done about press releases?

Laetoli Footprints To Have Museum Built Over Them at Afarensis (where else?)

The Full and Complete Atheist Blogroll as of This Moment

Elephant testes signal an aquatic past? (By the way, their kidneys also signal an aquatic past. It is becoming pretty clear that elephants have an aquatic past.)

Staplers, Snakes, and Sex


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    April 10, 2008

    Thanks, once again.