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i-7e11072adec73ee3270c75653520d53c-darwin_stein.jpgPlease visit The Beagle Project and join their Caption Contest for this photograph of Darwin and Expelled! Moron Ben Stein!!! (The photo is from the Time Magazine Review)

From Frischer Wind: A German medical student who is apparently capable of instantly absorbing and knowing the course material he encounters, and who thus progressed very far into his studies very quickly, has been put on hold and told he must spent 1.5 years “in study” before starting his internship.

Keeping Up with Expelled!: PZ Myers weaves together a number of threads regarding the rocky road along which this absurd motion picture production stumbles: Thieves and Liars. and John Lynch is working on Expelling the log from one’s own eye.

More on the possibility of the world being sucked into a black hole, this from Ludmila Carone, a planetary scientist living much closer to the site where the black hole would actually suck the planet into itself: We are advised to consider the possibility of a black hole like we might consider being told that we are about to be approached by a felid predator (such as a saber tooth tiger) but in fact the predator is a tame puddy tat.

What worries me about this commentary by Ludmila Carone is that she ends it wit the phrase: “Don’t Panic…” Which is the mantra of those guys in that book/movie/TV show which is based on the premise of the earth’s disintegration… (Oh, man, these physicists can be so troubling.)


  1. #1 John
    April 12, 2008

    The thing that gets me about the black hole hysteria is that if a suddenly-created black hole did eat the earth, we would probably all be gone too quickly to care about it.