Minneapolis 24 hour film race

Check out this film. My friend Marta plays “Holy Mary, Mother of God” a part especially well suited for her.


In this video:
Adri Mehra (videos), Kristen Swenson, Louie McCoy, Lydia Schwartz (videos), Marta Haftek, Nicole LeDuc (videos), Peter Kenyon (videos), Taylor Park (videos)
We entered a 24 hour film contest the weekend of April 4th. Friday the 4th at 10:00pm we received an e-mail stating the theme of the movie (Saving) and the action that had to be included in the movie (Knocking on a door). By 10:00pm the following day we had to hand in our movie to a nearby bowling alley. This was all conceived, written, filmed, edited in 24 hours.

However, due to the fact that the movie had to be 3:30 minutes in length, we had to cut a lot out for the submitted version. This is the version as it should be, 7:20 minutes, with all of our ideas and recorded scenes included. Sadly, this isn’t the version we could have submitted, but this is the one we like to show off when people inquire about our 24 hour film endeavor.