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Expelled! The Obvious Next Step

Now that Expelled! No Intelligence Allowed, the movie, exists, we wait not so quietly for the other shoe to drop. I’ll tell you in a moment what that other shoe is going to look like and where it is going to drop. First I want to make a couple of topically linked but otherwise discombobulated…

Look what Bore me to Tears is doing!

Matching donations/memberships for the National Center for Science Education… still 75 bucks left as of this writing! Check it out. What a great idea!

Happy Blogiversary to Science Woman!

Three years ago today [she] started blogging at On Being A Scientist and a Woman. [she] was a PhD student engrossed in field work and lab work and thinking about when to start a family. Fast forward three years and [she] am on the tenure-track with my own graduate students and I have a toddler.…

Chris Mooney has made an “appeal to authority” (Randy Olson) in asserting that Expelled is a success by Hollywood standards, and this may be correct. PZ Myers and his comet tail may have increased that success as per Mooney’s Framing TOE, but the reverse is also true: the science blogging share of the blogosphere has…

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, Earth! Do you recognize any of these locations?

PC vs. Mac, playing the race card