Expelled! in Iowa

Evolving in Kansas provides a lie-fighting fact revealing review of Expelled!’s showing in Iowa.

The film debuted at the Varsity Theater in Ames, Iowa on Friday night (April 18). Ames is important because it is the home of Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez, the pro-ID astronomer, who lost his tenure bid at Iowa State. He contends that it was purely because of his Intelligent Design work, while his opponents contend that ID either was not a factor or it was not the most important factor.

In any case, the headline of the Discovery Institute reads “Expelled in Iowa gives Standing Ovation to Persecuted Astronomer.”

I hate to rain on this parade, but the DI expels a few important facts out of its glowing assessment. I know because I also attended the very same showing of the movie (including a Q&A session with Dr. Gonzalez). …

Read it here.


  1. #1 CS
    April 23, 2008

    The review is actually by Hector Avalos over at Talk Reason (Evolving in Kansas just reposted it; link to the original is just under the headline). I checked out the box office link in Avalos’ article:


    While it has been pointed out that the box office receipts for Expelled fell from Friday to Saturday, has anyone pointed out that it was the only movie out of the top 50 for which receipts fell? The only other movies for which that happened were down at 56, 58, and 59 (out of 59 on the list) and had receipts so low (few $100) that Poisson statistics may be to blame.