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Latest Robot News

Zooillogiz has a must read post on robotic jellyfish. Here’s the video, but you must go read the post (and see another video) as well. Cool. But wait, there’s more…

You can pay someone to throw a pie in PZ Myers’ face. And you won’t get in trouble. Well, I think if I did it, I might get in trouble. But you can do it. Sign up HERE.

Human Nature Sucks

5 Mos. In Prison For Terrorizing Gay Neighbors A British court has sentenced a woman to 150 days behind bars and her daughter to 24-months of supervised probation for a terror campaign against the gay couple who lived next door. The court was told that the pair began harassing Michael Harris and Shires Crichton, of…

CO2 Emissions


No, really. Woo.

Is Linux Grandma Ready?

Linux is more than grandma-ready. Linux is by far the preferred operating system for most grandmas.