Ubuntu Hardy Heron: The Movie


  1. #1 cfeagans
    April 28, 2008

    The first thing I did was remove Transmission. I didn’t like it a bit and like plain old Bit Tornado much better.

    I almost replaced Firefox 3 with 2 since a few of my favorite extensions and a theme don’t work with it, but I decided to give it a chance.

    So far, Hardy Heron is running great. It’s fast and the overall look and feel is nice.

    I rarely ever use Windows any longer except to run Photoshop (though I’m getting to know Gimp more and more), ArcGIS (one day I’ll figure out Grass), and Google Earth Pro.

  2. #2 Greg Laden
    April 29, 2008

    Google Earth Pro surely runs on Linux, yes?

  3. #3 cfeagans
    April 29, 2008

    There’s a linux version but I haven’t bothered to check it out since I still have it on my XP partition.

  4. #4 cfeagans
    April 29, 2008

    Actually, I think the “Pro” version is limited to just Windows and Mac, and it’s the “Pro” version where the GIS tools like area measurements and importing GIS data.

  5. #5 Greg Laden
    April 30, 2008

    Actually, I think the “Pro” version is limited to just Windows and Mac

    You might be right, but I can’t let it go unchallenged. The google site is unclear (in my brief look) but when I cliked “install”I was asked “install or got to windows/mac version” (or words to that effect) like it was going to install a Linux version (after taking my 400 dollars).

    Of course, google does do some funny, perhaps even dumb, things with their code. It could be throwing it in a wine wrapper.