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It is always nice when an extinct animal shows up and announces that rumors of its extinction were exaggerated. In this case, we have the dwarf cloud rat just discovered by an international research team.

Cyclone Nargis, Bay of Bengal

… is expected to reach Cat-4 status before making landfall somewhere. Watch The Intersection for details.

… and why. The Page 3.14 readers poll asks this question, with a selected number of choices. The choices given in the poll are interesting, but I think one could add quite a few more. In part, this would depend on why one thinks a certain film is compelling. Is a film compelling because it…

New Blogger!

Please welcome our newest blogger, ERV, who is … …a graduate student studying the molecular and biochemical evolution of HIV within patients and within populations. I also study epigenetic control of ERVs

This is described in UDreamOfJanie: Ronda R. Storms is a Florida sate senator (Republican) who has spearheaded efforts against Planned Parenthood, against her local LGBTA community, and so on, is now linked to the Discovery Institute in regards to her latest project, the Florida “Academic Freedom” bill. In regards to Academic Freedom, Storms … …took…

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Pile on!!!

Don’t miss your chance to join the Pile On over at “Ethics and Science” … Greg Laden, it turns out, is not only not funny but he is a sexist bastard with no credentials.

PC vs Mac: networking

The Big Picture

And by this, I mean really, really big… This was sent to me by my colleague Christian Reinboth in Germany. This video was created by Mike (Metafis), a retired PC support guy, who has also been kind enough to comment below. …. It shows a massive zoom (315 times) into the famous Mandelbrot set. The…

Flock of Dodos

With all this talk about Expelled!, the creationist movie, I thought it was about time to resurrect the review I wrote many moons ago of Flock of Dodos by Randy Olson, along with some updated information. Flock of Dodos is a much better film than Expelled!, and explores the same issue, with somewhat different conclusions.…