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The Carnival of Space – the anniversary edition is at Why Homeschool.

Zebra on Emory Campus

This is an experiment. MSNBC claims we can now embed their videos, but it is not clear to me that the videos do not come with extras such as ads or evil links. So hear goes:


Revere: Do dogs understand barks? Whenever the big dog over the back fence barks, our little dog goes racing to the back door, barking like crazy. Forget the fact that if the two dogs actually came muzzle to muzzle, the other dog would eat ours with one mouthful. On the other hand, when dogs bark…


Tangled Bank #104 is here, at Dammit Jim!

A Missouri House Committee has just approved for consideration of the House an Academic Freedom Bill drafted with the aid of the Discovery Institute. The bill has a nice twist to it in that it prohibits the consideration of any boundary or difference between religion and non-religion in regards to what to teach or how…

Happy May Day

May Day is the day that we traditionally get our military hardware out and parade it around Moscow and Havana. It is also International Worker’s Day and International Labor Day. As with all holidays, there are spooky ancient origins as well. May Day is the half way point between Solstice and Equinox, so it is…