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Get Out of Hell Free

Oh, I forgot … that radio appearance was not free. I waived my usual fee of $1,500 per appearance in lieu of the following really cool gift from Minnesota Atheists:

The Pod Cast … It Exists

I’m talking about the May 4th Podcast of Atheist Talk, from the Minnesota Atheists. The first half was an interview of Lois Schadewald, editor of her brother’s posthumous work “Worlds of their Own” … a book of essays on pseudoscience. The second half was an interview of Yours Truly by Mike Haubrich on “Academic Freedom”…

… This is one of several interesting questions being asked by Bitch writer Maya Schenwar in: Learning Curve … Radical “unschooling” moms are changing the stay-at-home landscape. From the article:

Linux is not for everyone. Linux is an operating system that is idea for people who need their computers for important tasks, require reliability, and who do not need the hand holding and eye candy that some of the other operating systems seem to focus on. In short, Linux is for people who are smarter…

This is in Myanmar, where a repressive military government has yet to allow relief workers mustering now in nearby Thailand to enter the country to lend assistance.

Kids: Don’t Do Drugs!

… And, for more dating advice:

Having Trouble Commenting?

From the Management: Occasionally users have problems commenting on our blogs. This usually happens when the system is experiencing a high load (i.e., lots of people trying to comment at once). This would result in a “500” or “Server Timeout” page being displayed. If you see this — take heart. Your comment has most likely…

It is an icky world

I woke up to an icky world this morning. After painfully clearing my lungs and scarfing down some medication, I scanned the TV channels for news. and the blogosphere for inspiration. The TV was giving me mainly god, while the blogosphere was giving me measles, pandemics, murdered sea lions, and this poor eagle with its…

PC vs Mac: Metaphors