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In a recent poll conducted by the widely respected news outlet The Journal, people were asked: Should local governmental bodies be allowed to open their meetings with a prayer? With thousands answering, the results were an astonishing 93 percent opposed! See the results, here.

The Evolution of the Human Eye

Courtesy of the National Center for Science Education

It Is Over

Obama has not only won North Carolina, but he has apparently TROUNCED Clinton. The Clinton Campaign put a great deal of effort into North Carolina in an effort to take the state (and thus truly throw Obama’s viability into question) or at least make it close. It looks like it is not close. Not even…

Fishing Opener is Almost Here!

… So, time to get some gear together. Let’s see. I need some new line, a couple of new lures, I’m hoping to get a musky rod (if I can find one on sale…). Let’s see, what else…. How about a New Boat!?!? OK, that’s a good one. A little small, but it should do.…

PZ Myers is asking for another poll crashing. So he’ll send his 200,000 readers, and I’ll send all four of you …. Should local governmental bodies be allowed to open their meetings with a prayer? ANSWER HERE.

New Reader Poll

Last Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) with a vote of 414 to 1. Lauded by most media pundits as an example of “forward-looking” legislation, the bill forbids companies from viewing the genetic profiles of their clients or employees. President Bush has promised to sign the bill. But…

A recent study of dog genetics, published in PLoS, seeks to improve the quality of genetic research by better understanding the underlying patterns of genetic variation at the level of specific dog breeds.

Squid Video

Calamari for Everyone! And I mean, Everyone!!!!!

Baby Tossing

Willie Zeit (or whatever his name is) is very, very annoying. So I hesitate to show this. But religion is even more annoying. Therefore, I show this (only the first bit is essential).