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Suddenly it all makes sense…

Pehdtsckjmba ….


Carnival of the Recipes: Spring-Fever Edition is Here.


May Scientiae Carnival: Career paths, perspective, and changing self-image

In this May 1, 2008, visible image from NASA’s Atmospheric Infrared Sounder instrument on NASA’s Aqua spacecraft, Cyclone Nargis is … a Category one hurricane located 370 miles west of Yangon, Myanmar, moving east-northeast at eight knots…. Fishermen are advised not to venture out to sea.

You Can’t Hide …I landed a job in Kansas. Finally, a state with some horse sense! But even here the Darwinian octopus had insinuated its fetid tentacles, depriving the good and open-minded high school students of the state the right hear to both sides of the story. Even when they provided a forum for polite…