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Hat Tip Reed

Annie Laurie Gaylor!!!

Annie Laurie Gaylor is the co-founder of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and editor of Freethought Today newspaper. Well, the “Atheists Talk” radio show for Sunday, May 11, 2008, 9-10 a.m. Central Time will feature a full hour interview with Gaylor! In the first half hour, she will be interviewed about “Women and the Bible.”…

Alabama antievolution bill dies

NCSE Press Release: House Bill 923 was among the hundreds of bills that died in the Alabama legislature “because they did not pass in the house where they were introduced,” the Associated Press (May 7, 2008) reports. The latest in a string of “academic freedom” bills aimed at undermining the teaching of evolution in Alabama,…

Ha! Say no more. Here. Pharyngula strikes again.

Dilworth Minnesota is not far from Fargo. On Thursday, three eighth graders in this small town have been suspended from school because they sat down during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

No More UN Aid to Burma

The first deliver of aid from the UN World Food Programme was stolen by officials from the Burma military Junta. As a result, the shipment of aid into the country by the UN has stopped. This is as earlier reports indicating that the death toll would surpass 100,000 are starting to look realistic, if not…


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Friday Cat Blogging

Well, in celbration of getting the cats back for a month or so this summer: