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Obama Takes Super Delegate Lead

Apparently, Obama has taken the super delegate lead. He previously had the popular vote lead. And he had the elected pledged delegate lead. Now he also has the super delegate lead. All together, it seems like he is just plain in the lead.

And don’t forget: Blood is NEVER blue!

Fishing Opener

Opener This is one of the few Fishing Openers for which I’ve stayed in the Twin Cities since moving to Minnesota. Before moving to Minnesota, I had never heard of a thing called an “opener” before. Well, I had heard of openers, but they were tools used to open beers in the days before they…

Richard Dawkins does pretty good in the debate or discussion format. But here we have an example of Dawkins’ skill combined with a bit of luck, the hubris of the interviewer, and other particularistic circumstances converging on a moment. A moment you absolutely have to hear to believe. There are three items at this link,…

Despite apparent support from city officials and the local press, a very large majority polled clearly say that they prefer that Frankenmuth Michigan NOT boast a Christian Cross on its official city seal. See the poll here. More details here.

How should public school administrators react to students who sit through the pledge of allegiance in the US? This issue came up recently in a small town in western Minnesota, where kids were suspended and possibly humiliated because they failed to stand (in once case entirely by accident) for the pledge. There is now an…