Learn Linear Programming at Good Math, Bad Math.

This might seem obscure to many, but drip tips are actually one of the more interesting evolutionary enigmas I’ve encountered. Leaf shape in general is cool. Is it possible that Drip tips drain leaves more efficiently…? Seeds Aside wants to know.

Respectful Insolence grinds away at the woo: From the ridiculous to the sublime: A journalist takes down Suzanne Somers over “bio-identicals”

The platypus genome
. Say no more.

Minnesota Rebublicans Afraid of Cameras…

My impression of politicians is that they love the spotlight, they love the attention and they love to be on video. So, I am baffled at the reactions of the officials of the Republican conventions to a reporter and a blogger who took a video camera into a Republican convention. Why did he get kicked out?

Its too late this year, but Bug Girl tells us to put World Naked Gardening Day on our calendar for next year. Obviously these people do not live in Minnesota. Where today we think it is warm, and it is 54F.

Dead Racist Society explores Defending marriage, Republican style

Lunar Talks on Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor says respect atheists.

And finally, Geek Sisters: Pangea day – girls in Africa need your vote!