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Happy Bloggoversary to PalMD

Here is the old blog Here is the New Blog It’s been a whole year!

The American Idol is Chosen!

And it’s DAVID!!!!!!!


…. so you don’t have to…. My best friend, indeed, the “best man” at my wedding, is married to the co-director of a really really cool documentary called “The Listening Project.” I learned Sunday morning, during a visit to the Walker Sculpture Garden, that this documentary has won yet another major award. It is now…

That’s the invitation list to a special party coming up in a couple of days where McCain will have a conversation with a few possible Veepers. The absence of Pawlenty is a great disappointment to us Minnesotans.

Origin of Linux

This is not a funny Linux video. This is an actual educational video. And it’s long. Only for serious Linux scholars …