Religion is Sensible to the Extent That it is Vacuous at EvolutionBlog and ‘Wolverine’ frogs pop retractable claws from their toes at Not Exactly Rocket Science are too good to pass up.

PZ has another poll. Do you think a class focusing on the Bible should be taught in public school? Here’s the skinny. If you think this is dumb and immaure, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait a day or two for when I report this poll as though it was real!

Tangled Up in Blue Guy is Fighting for Science.

A university in Germany made the sad decision to cancel field research into GMO corn because protesters had destroyed the crops in the research plots. The complaint is that there is not enough research on GMO to indicate whether or not such crops are safe.

The Top Ten New Species Chosen

The Arizona State University’s Institute for Species Exploration has released their much anticipated picks for the top ten best new species discovered in the last year. From a rhinosaurus beetle that looks like a Pixar character to a fruit bat the fills in some evolutionary holes, this list supposedly has it all.

Muse In Vivo claims that Greg Laden is a pretty cool guy. I find this hard to argue against.

And as always, New and Exciting in PLoS One


  1. #1 Mike Haubrich, FCD
    May 27, 2008

    Thanks for the mention, Greg. I really hope that people will follow the link to Anastasia Bodnar’s post on the issue. She has been writing some great stuff about the importance of funding and doing independent research on GMO. By this I mean, not surrendering to the large Agro’s direction on funding it, while at the same time not trying to destroy the concept at the direction of groups such as Greenpeace. Greenpeace, for all the good work they do in trying to stop whaling, has been causing major problems for GMO research in Europe merely because they have a predisposition against it. On the issue of GMO they are almost at the level of the anti-vaxxers.

    Anastasia has a series of posts on the issue of separating emotion from the science. I would start here and check her other posts on integration.

    Btw – Anastasia is also one of the officers of a secular group at Iowa State. She doesn’t write about it on her blog, she tries to stick to science.