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Today’s To Do List

Crash the poll. Work on abs. Go to Atheist Gay Pride Fest Figure out the nature of white European supremacy Trim the frog’s claws Teach the dog to dance. As in this video:

Hillary Does Have More Experience

Is this funny, or is it sexist? Probably depends on who you plan to vote for… [Hat tip: GrrlScientist]

Pharyngulistas make change

And I’m not talking about spare change. As we ask questions about how much “pure” science should be in a science blog, or even, if we should be asking that question, there is another question we can ask: Can blogging be relevant? Can it make a difference? Recently, Pharyngula reported on a car dealership out…

Words with consequences

Mark Madden ESPN shock jock jock Mark Madden made the following remarks on his radio show the other day: I’m very disappointed to hear that Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts is near death because of a brain tumor. I always hoped Senator Kennedy would live long enough to be assassinated. … and thus, got his…

LOL Pterosaurs ….

Adam and Eve with a couple of pterosaurs in the Garden of Eden before The Fall The whole issue of LOL Pterosaurs came up (here and here), so of course, I went looking for them. In the process I found something even funnier. This is a web site at Objective Ministries on pterosaurs in the…

The following is a Guest Post by Stephanie Zvan of Almost Diamonds. Background On February 26, Anonymous Coward at Bayblab suggested that popular ScienceBloggers like PZ Myers (Pharyngula) needed more science content in order to be counted as a science blog. In the first comment on that post, DrugMonkey pointed out that there was plenty…


I and the Bird # 76 is up at Wanderin’ Weeta (with Waterfowl and Weeds)