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A seemingly record hatch at PLoS ONE: Open access real live science research articles that you can read without being “special.” You don’t need to rely on zany press reports for this stuff. Read it yourself. Check it out at Blog Around the Clock. ERV is calling for volunteers to be on her brand new…

Paul Wellstone “There is an aspiration that binds us. It is the dream of justice for a beloved community. It is the belief that extremes and excesses of inequality must be reduced so that each person is free to develop his or her full potential.”

Montana Polls Close

Obama is the projected winner of this last primary, though no margin is estimated at this time. Obama to speak from Saint Paul. There is good information out there that Clinton and Obama are working out a meeting as soon as possible. There is also excellent information out there indicating that Clinton is interested in…

Obama speaks

In Saint Paul, at the same stadium where the Republicans will hold their convention later this sumer. I won’t be live blogging this because it won’t be as suspensful as Clinton’s speech. He is expected to acknowledge his position as presumptive nominee.

Clinton Speaks in New York City

Clinton thanks South Dakota who “had the last word” in this primary season (oops, that would be Montana, but whatever). She honored Barak Obama and his supporters for “all they have accomplished.” Clinton noted the great increase in previously uninvolved voters and the unprecedented raising of money, as well as the importance of her campaign…

Clinton Wins South Dakota

Fifty seven to forty three percent.

NBC calls Obama Nominee

For the first time in history, a black man is one of the main candidates for election to the office of the President of the United States, having achieved the number of delegates required to be offered the nomination of the Democratic Party. This is based on recent declaration by several super delegates for Obama…

Christian Group eats Sour Grapes

A Christian legal organization says it has sued to stop New York from recognizing same-sex marriages legally performed in other states. The Alliance Defense Fund says it filed its lawsuit Tuesday in a court in the Bronx. Several Republican state senators are named as party to the suit. Gay marriage is unconstitutional in New York.…

AP: Clinton is open to VP spot

Most importantly, Clinton seems to be stressing the importance of the party (the Democratic Party) winning in November.

Kennedy Surgery Over

Ted Kennedy is out of brain surgery with good results, according to a recent news report.