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A half mile wide tornado with a virtually south to north trajectory from near Park Rapids towards Bemidji, in Hubbard County, destroyed several homes and did a lot of property damage. The worst damage was near Highway 34 and County Road 4, in or near Emmaville and Lake George. Several other tornadoes have been reported…

Today’s To Do List

Figure out which is harder: Balancing the bicycle going down hill, or going up hill. Learn how to smell wine. Check out Friday Ark for Cat Pictures Read Carnival of the Blue Number 13 at Blogfish Be an Ardent lover–see that wife has orgasm in marital congress. Find out the latest bad thing about McCain…

It is being widely censored. The uncensored version is below the fold. This is the most disturbing thing I’ve posted in a while. At least 12 hours or so.

Babar the Elephant for President!

Oh. No. Right. Bob Bar. Not Barbar. Whatever.