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New Al Franken Ad

And an opportunity for you to give Al money. Click here to see the ad. The money part is optional.

Check it out: Emma McGrattan, the senior vice-president of engineering for computer-database company Ingres-and one of Silicon Valley’s highest-ranking female programmers-insists that men and women write code differently. Women are more touchy-feely and considerate of those who will use the code later, she says. They’ll intersperse their code-those strings of instructions that result in nifty…

Talkin’ Trash in Linux

This file is clobbered… Linux and related operating systems are different from, say Windows, in many ways. One is this: When you “delete” a file in, say Windows, you are asked to confirm the operation, then the file is moved to the trash folder, not deleted. In Linux, when you “delete” (remove) a file, it…

Reader Poll: Sweet, sweet saccharin

Artificial sweeteners are bad. Right? If you agree, or not, go to the new Reader’s Poll and express your opinion. Or not.

It gets really interesting just after 1 min. 30 sec.

Christian Radio Call In (Minnesota)

Radio KKMS AM 980, in Minnesota, will have some guests that you may want to listen to and CALL IN. Wednesday at 3:00, we will have the chance to listen to Michele Bachmann, U.S. Congresswoman for Minnesota’s 6th District, who will provide an update us on her plan to drive down oil prices by sucking…

The Sexies Are Out!

The winners of the Sex Positive Journalism Award (The Sexies) have been announced!!! And here they are:

Express Yourself

Regarding the issue of Gay Marriage. Go to the polls here. Give Jimmy James some Comment Love Here.

… at Firefox Central. Firefox had been organizing “Download Day” on their web site … getting as many people as possible to show up TODAY (June 17th) todownload the newly released Firefox 3 … so many people as to set a record for number of downloads. But it isn’t there! Ha! You can download Version…