Christian Radio Call In (Minnesota)

Radio KKMS AM 980, in Minnesota, will have some guests that you may want to listen to and CALL IN.

Wednesday at 3:00, we will have the chance to listen to Michele Bachmann, U.S. Congresswoman for Minnesota’s 6th District, who will provide an update us on her plan to drive down oil prices by sucking all of the oil out of the ground right now. And, she will also talk about her plan for us to pray for our government leaders.

Wednesday at 5:00, the show will host Chris Hedges, Journalist and Author will help us examine the conflict between the beliefs of fundamental Christianity and those of atheists and tell us why he believes both are damaging to our society.



  1. #1 John McKay
    June 17, 2008

    She’s been pushing the current big lie about Chinese drilling platforms off the coast of Florida stealing our oil.