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Continuing with our discussion of the Evolution 2008 conference, I’d like to relate at least the essence, as I saw it, of an excellent talk by Mark Borrello. I’ve seen Mark speak at least three times including yesterday, and soon after his talk we continued on the topic in a conversation over lunch and beers,…

Blogospherics: Recommended reads

A few items of interest: Ken Ham: Biology Professor Calls me Wackaloon” … here. The flying spaghetti monster appears at the Fremont Solstice Parade … Here. This steamy novel is coming along quite well… Today, get your Africa news and perspective from here: “But they’re fightin’ terrorists, so it must be okay” .. here Somebody…

I got my tee shirt!

I’m at the Evolution 2008 Conference. It’s great. And I got a tee-shirt. Here’s what the front looks like:

Phoenix IS twittering….

Remember a while ago, I joked that NASA is twittering Phoenix? Well, either they were listening to me, I’m psychic, or …. or maybe it is just a totally obvious thing to do. Point is … THEY ARE! Here.

How birds fly (Book review)

Birds: Nature’s Magnificent Flying Machines is a book by Caroline Arnold and illustrated by Patricia Wynne for, I’d say, Pre-Elementary School kids and first/second grade. This is a good book to read to a pre-literate kid. Then put it away for later when the first grade academic report on birds is due … it will…