August Berkshire, head of the Minnesota Atheists, will be on AM 980 KKMS today (June 25th 2008) at 3:30.

August Berkshire, President of Minnesota Atheists will discuss his experience of visiting Jeff’s church last Sunday.

Hey, do you think August had a religious experience and converted? Tune in to find out!!!

I quickly add: The show itself starts at 3:00. Do not assume that August will be on the air only between 3:00 and 3:30. These Christians often change the schedule at the last second to thwart freethinkers who might call in to say something interesting.

If you are not in the listening area, maybe you can go HERE and click “listen live” …

Hey, I just tuned in just now and I’m learning a LOT of stuff about Satan. He’s havin’ a war against god.


  1. #1 Paul Murray
    June 26, 2008

    Scientists in these sort of venues need to attack not creationism, or pietism, but the legitimacy of debate as a means of settling scientific questions.

    Debate only works when both sides bring their facts to the table in good faith, and then argue over what the facts mean. Creationists cannot be debated with, because they lie. The whole mechanism of debate simply doesn’t work when this is the case.

    That’s what needs to be attacked. And not just debate, but any verbal-only 15-minute message, like a radio segment. Science is done on paper, over the course of months or years.

    The other problem with debate is that churchgoers are not accustomed to listening critically. The only two things the know how to do are either to close their ears; or accept and believe. Debate is pointless – you’re in the position of being the “false teacher” straight away. They simply won’t listen.