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Nellie McKay: “Clonie”

Singer-songwriter Nellie McKay performs the semi-serious song “Clonie” — about creating the ultimate companion.

Lemur Scent and Kin

Perhaps judging a man by his cologne isn’t as superficial as it seems. Duke University researchers, using sophisticated machinery to analyze hundreds of chemical components in a ringtailed lemur’s distinctive scent, have found that individual males are not only advertising their fitness for fatherhood, but also a bit about their family tree as well. “We…

Science News

How the Snake Got Its Vertebrae Snakes, fish, chickens, and humans all begin life in much the same way. Early in their transformation from an amorphous blob of cells into a fully developed animal, growing cells pinch off into a string of identical segments destined to become individual vertebrae, which will later sprout blood vessels,…

Anthropology Carnival

Four Stone Hearth, the Lard Edition is here, at Paddy K Swedish Extravaganza. Four Stone Hearth is a blog carnival covering all of anthropology. The home page for Four Stone Hearth is here.. I want to get you excited about this blog carnival, because I am hosting it next time around, for the July 2…

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) dog bites and respiratory illness are among the top concerns for travellers to china.

Software for your iPod Touch

An x-ray I took of Julia’s hand. Sorry, it’s a little blurry. The main two functions of an iPod touch are: being an iPod (music, podcasts, movies, etc.) and giving you a pocket size web browser. There are several other functions as well, like a calendar and such. Here I want to review a couple…

Bill Gates: WTF, man?

Is this some kind of sick joke? Do you remember when Bill Gates retired from Microsoft? There was even a YouTube video about it: That was, like, six months ago. So why do we see this reported on the BBC web site:

Seven Days of Carlin Four

So mike did come by

to get is phone. He even brought some muscle. Some tough looking guy. He tried to claim the fish was his, of course. He was like “Yea, I had that in my pocket. I was gonna eat it later” and shit. But I didn’t even listen ’cause I remembered it from last month, not making…