according to this wackaloon:

hat tip: atheist media


  1. #1 Matt Platte
    June 28, 2008

    Meh. Personally, I’d like to reserve ‘wackaloon’ for Ken Hamm. I’m doing my part here:

    Perhaps there’s another term that fits our Fred better, although none come to mind at the moment.

  2. #2 clinteas
    June 28, 2008

    On another blog,I said his facial expressions make him look like Hitler on Zoloft,and his rhetoric is like Goebbels on Viagra.A creepy creepy man.

  3. #3 Eamon Knight
    June 28, 2008

    It takes a lot to make me say this about another human being, but: the world will be a cleaner, brighter place when that old sack of hateful shit croaks his last. If there is a Hell, and any justice to the afterlife, Fred will be in it (for a little while — the concept of eternal punishment is deeply immoral).

    And to continue a meme: George is up in heaven now.

  4. #5 Christian
    June 30, 2008

    Pretty creepy guy, although it is hard to take him seriously. Well – I guess there really is no such thing as bad PR.

  5. #6 Bill
    April 26, 2012

    Each and evry one of you who deny Christ’s existance and refuse to follow him will indeed go straight to hell. Thats not some threat that is a promise to you but you wouldnt believe where it came from anyway.