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Microsoft to stop selling Windows XP on Monday from (AP) — Microsoft Corp. is scheduled to stop selling its Windows XP operating system to retailers and major computer makers Monday, despite protests from a slice of PC users who don’t want to be forced into using XP’s successor, Vista. […] Synchronize directories with Komparator…

Keep an Eye on Carl Zimmer

First of all, he has posted this enigmatic item on his blog: Some News … … at 5 today While you’re waiting for 5:00 PM (eastern time? I’m guessing?) you can watch this several time: Carl Zimmer interviewing Paul Ehrlich.


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Benjamin Zander has two infectious passions: classical music, and helping us all realize our untapped love for it — and by extension, our untapped love for all new possibilities, new experiences, new connections.

This photograph needs a caption

Proto Stephen Jay Gould OMFSM you are not going to believe this. Over at the University of Chicago, someone is making a terrible fool of themselves. It is hard to say if this is Shankar Vedantam, the Washing Post Staff Writer, or Patterson Clark of the Washington Post or someone else. The title of the…

Gedit With It.

I find myself using a basic text editor more and more often. Even the relatively well behaved openoffice.or Writer had a tendency to do stuff I don’t necessarily want to do with a simple text file, and certainly, something like Word is the work of Satan. For instance, have you ever noticed strange goofy characters…

Darwin’s Bulldog

On this day in 1895, T. H. Huxley died at the age of 70. Huxley was known as “Darwin’s Bulldog” because of his defense of Darwin’s important work in evolution. He debated Samuel Wilberforce in 1860, and people have been debating creationists since. Huxley invented the term “agnostic” and described himself as one.