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…. died on this day in 1971. They were Soviet cosmonauts. A breech in the capsule they were riding in occurred as it was separated from another part of the rocket during the initial phases of re-entry. The capsule depressurized and they were killed. Apparently, no one knew this had happened initially. The capsule landed…

Steven Levitt shares data that shows car seats are no more effective than seatbelts in protecting kids from dying in cars. However, during the Q&A, he makes one crucial caveat.

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Even though OS X (Mac) is a Unix based system, it is a little different than other Unix based systems in ways that might matter for the administration of a web server. Johannes Truschnigg offers us Three reasons why GNU/Linux is better for Web servers than OS X. They sound reasonable (but not bone chilling…


First, let me please remind you to send me any submission you may have for the Four Stone Hearth Anthropology Blog Carnival! Berry Go Rounder 6th edition is at Seeds Aside. Medical Grand Rounds, Vol 4, No. 41 is at the Covert Rationing Blog

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Carnival of the Elitist Bastards #2. Contact PZ Myers if you have an entry!

A trip overseas, especially with today’s fuel prices and other changes in the airline industry, is different now than it was even a few years ago. This is especially true in regards to the topic of this post: How to deal with the problem of vicarious travelers and their need for trinkets, as well as…

Today’s Linux Story

Among the top five hundred super computing sites, the vast majority are running Linux. For the desktop environment, there are many opportunities for Linux. For audio, have a look at 42 of the Best Free Linux Audio Software. More broadly, consider these Seven Reasons to Move to Linux. The world of Linux distros is dynamic…

… and is moving on to what we all hope are bigger and better things for him. This information was passed to me by Tangled Up in Blue Guy, and you can go there for the details. it appears that Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy is joining Carl! Again, details are here.

Bora is Back

It appears that Bora, who was away, is back. And blogging.