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The Carnival of Cool Homeschoolers #3 is HERE at Homeschooled Twins. Carnival of the Godless #95 is HERE at The Atheist Blogger. Carnival of Space #61: Tunguska Edition is HERE at the bat page or something… Carnival of the Liberals, 68th Edition is HERE at Atheist Revolution. Bookworms Carnival – Edition #13 (Relationships) is HERE… has announced their 2008 Community Chocie Awards Finalists. You get to vote (if you are a member). The final projects for Best Project category are: Drupal Firebird FreeMind KeePass Password Save Portable Software/USB Sphinx XAMPP XBMC media center XOOPS Dynamic Web CMS There are several other categories, such as Most Likely to…

PLoS In Nature : The Big Picture

OA pillars The following are excerpts from the journal Nature regarding the Public Library of Science. These were located with a simple search for the phrase “Public Library of Science.” For each item, I provide the source, and a selected bit of text. I have no selection criteria to report, but I do have a…

LOL Cat Ad

I don’t think you see this too often. It is my first. An LOL cat used in an actual commercial advertisement, in this case for an esoteric software development tool on a techie web site:

This photograph needs a caption

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