Blogospherics: Recommended reads

How to be. On the internet. Thoughts of nature network editor Corie Lok inspired by the latest kerfuffle: What is fair play in the blogo/commentosphere? (Is that righ? Commentosphere? Or would it be commentorverse… )

Speaking of animal rights, what about Tales From the Front Lines in The Animal Research War, the scientific activist’s review of The Animal Research War (it’s a book).

In a dark room, buried in a nondescript building somewhere in London, an orderly array of new trainees sits silently, listening intently as a senior police official delivers a security briefing. Clicking through slide after slide of photos of activists, extremists, and terrorists, the official carefully explains who each person is, what organization(s) he or she is associated with, and what level of threat that person poses. All of this would probably look like business as usual if security is your day job. But, this audience isn’t made up of new police recruits: these are first-year graduate students, attending a course that’s mandatory to conduct animal research in the UK.

A little geo science for you, from Green Gabbro: Richard Nixon Tamed the Mole People! A Timeline of Global Seismic Energy Release

It is a curious fact of seismology that there are always about 10 times as many M4 earthquakes as M5, and 10 times as many M5 earthquakes as M6, and so on. I’ve never heard a satisfying physical explanation for why this is so, but it is. So even though you could, in theory, find a million harmless M4 earthquakes to release the energy of one devastating M8, in practice you will always come up 990,000 little earthquakes short, no matter how hard you look.

A pretty OK YouTube video on DNA: BioRap (DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis with a Beat) at A Blog Around the Clock.

Wise Guy Blogger Martin takes apart Wikio’s Science Blog Rankings.

Does he not know that all he has to do is comment on my posting about my Wikio ranking, and the wikio elf will come along and fix everything?!??

And in case you were wondering, TUIBG has some advice as to How to Defend Creationism Against Evolutionism … As if…


  1. #1 Martin
    July 9, 2008

    Wise guy eh? 😛

    Actually the Wikio Elf has been along to my blog, and after spending some time just marvelling at the sheer beauty and profound wisdom on it, he is – in the manner of Dr. Sam Beckett – hoping to put right what once went wrong.