OA and the broader social good

i-9ca183506c70dd797ccf042cbf3d58eb-gutenbergpress.jpgConsider this comment by Anders Norgaard of Spain, on the current Open Access discussion:

…For society and everyone who is not Nature (or other Toll-Access, high overhead journals) the framing [of the discussion as provided by Nature] does not make sense. The debate is part of a broader debate of the future of scientific publishing. And it is unreasonable to assume that a future of efficient digital publishing must be hobbled to serve to needs of businesses adapted to the past of high cost of paper distribution. Or that it must be measured by the same criteria of success (high profit from monopoly priviledges) as old businesses.

For society the question (obviously) is “how do we maximize society-gain from published research”.

(Emphasis mine. Source: PLoS and the future of publishing – as framed by Nature)

Tell it brother!