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LOL Sacred Belief Systems

Apropos this and this, I give you this:

What If the Beatles Were Irish?

Tangled Bank #109: LOL Evolution!

Welcome to the One Hundred and Ninth Edition of The Tangled Bank, the Weblog Carnival of Evolutionary Biology. This is the LOL edition of the Tangled Bank…. Carnival business … The main page for The Tangled Bank is here. The previous edition of The Tangled Bank was here, at Wheatdogg, and the next edition of…

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Planning a wedding?

I had promised a little more info on Scientific Linux. This is a form of Linux with a name that changes faster than my shirt when I realize I’ve got it on inside out. Form the Fermi LInux site: Fermi Linux is the generic name for linux distributions that are created and used at Fermi…

We wants our BUGs…. yessss

Why is it that I always discover my perfect birthday present right after my birthday. I’m talkin’ bugs. They are reviewed in the current Linux Journal (no link … I’m talking about this thing on paper … current issue, August 2008, Issue 172). Well, there is a web site you can go to (references below).…

Good Group Think on Energy

Consider this question: Our oil supplies are down. And with rising concerns of global food supplies, the loudly touted ethanol now seems to be a no-go, too. So, in the coming years, what do you think will become the world’s most viable alternative energy solution? Me? I question the premise. It is not necessarily the…

More Carnivals Believe It or Not

Hourglass: A carnival of biogerontology Carnival of the Blue is Here! Welcome to the Green Travel Carnival. Welcome to the Green Travel Carnival. Linnaeus’ Legacy #9 – Classifying the Classifiers

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