Good Group Think on Energy

Consider this question:

Our oil supplies are down. And with rising concerns of global food supplies, the loudly touted ethanol now seems to be a no-go, too. So, in the coming years, what do you think will become the world’s most viable alternative energy solution?

Me? I question the premise. It is not necessarily the case that ethanol competes with food. That depends on how it is done (both the ethanol and the food). In addition, have “a most viable” fuel may be exactly what we DON”T want. Maybe we want to dance like a butterfly on this fuel thing .. be very adaptable.

But I digress. The REAL point I want to make is that Scienceblogs has a new thing going. This is a group blog that will have a lot of different interesting people contributing to it. This blog will address a new question posted every Wednesday. The blog will last only for several months… but apparently enough time to cover the upcoming election season!

So go and participate! Here. Go. Now. Here. It JUST started so you can be the FIRST to contribute!


  1. #1 Jonsi
    July 9, 2008

    While I don’t believe the entirety of the social consequences of peak oil theory, I am starting to be scared, as I do not believe there will be a viable alternative. There will be competing alternatives, which is probably a good thing, but those alternatives will mostly be available to the wealthy. I expect radical lifestyle changes and poverty and unemployment, and I am not confident technology will meet our needs and the way our cities are planned.

    I like the group think idea though; it will keep me enlightened through the end times 🙂 .