The Giant’s Shoulders is a web carnival highlighting classic papers in science. Or people or concepts. Go here to get the details.

THe first deadline is Midnight EDT on July 15th (tomorrow)

The first edition will be hosted at A Blog Around the Clock. Send your entries to Coturnix!!!

As for me, I may submit this:

“Vanya on 42nd street”, the movie by Louis Malle, was a blast. Such a long time since I have watched a group of actors performing a text with so much intensity. Saw it on Sunday, but on Monday night I was still excited, and couldn’t take it from my mind. Simple shots, no cutting, and great theater. Actors showing the best of the profession, an step beyond being naturalistic: as a great performance of an actor or actress is achieved when he/she is able to include non-natural reactions which tell you all the conflicts of the characters. Doing that while reciting the long lines of Chekov is extremely hard, but essential. Magic, pure magic.
(Nov. 30th, 94)

That is one of the first known blog entries, ever, by Claudio Pinhanez on Open Diary. Preserved here. That would count, right?

Or this one:

From PZ’s first post on Sb Pharyngula.

Let me also reassure (or worry) you with one important thing: I think Seed gets it. When we were negotiating this move, one specific request was that I could be as free here to say what I want as I was on my own server, and I’m confident that that will be the case–so expect me to be as obnoxious as ever, sprinkling little bits of information on my usual abrasiveness to make it all go down smoothly. So, no changes except for the new URL, better performance, and a few quirky features that are gone but may slowly be restored…content will be the same, and there are promises of better things to come. We all win!