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Going Galapagos

Chuck Chuck the Panda This is one of those dreaded blog posts when the blogger tells you what he had for breakfast. To be honest, I’m beat. Sleep deprived, but for a good reason. My daughter, Julia, was out VERY late last night, did not get home until way after 1:00 AM in the morning!!!!!…

First Guantanamo Bay video Released

This is reportedly a Canadian citizen … 16 year old Omar Khadr … being questioned by Canadian officials regarding his involvement in the death of a US soldier in Afghanistan. Khadar is accused of throwing a greneade (in 2002) that killed the soldier. This interrogation is dated to 2003.

Let us praise the lord ….

… and raise our voices in thankful prayer to God Almighty..

Sizzle A lot of people are going to not-like this film. Some are going to not-like it because it is a lousy documentary about global warming. The fact that this is NOT a documentary (about global warming or anything) will be lost on those individuals, so they will have wasted their time and their ticket…