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i-8d8d773ee527fea411827fdb4b1c3b68-internet_01.jpgRegarding the Solar System: Here is an amazing piece of film … so amazing it does not look real …. of the Moon passing in front of the Earth, from a vantage point several million miles away, at Frischer Wind.

A couple of items on Sizzle, reaction to it, and reaction to the reaction: First, a lengthy comment by Randy Olson on the erv blog, where erv decided to beat up Randy for his recently released memo. Then, a useful and insightful discussion of the nature of critiqe, vis-a-vis this particular discussion, is here at Almost Diamonds.

I agree with Stephanie’s comments on the nature of critique. However, I also find it ironic that bloggers are beating up randy because he can’t take criticism. But they are doing so because some of them can’t take what might be seen as his criticism of them. I’m sure there is some way in which the bloggers will figure out a way to turn that around because, after all, bloggers are pretty bad at taking criticism.

Except me, of course, I’m really good at it.

On a totally unrelated topic, Ed Brayton has the scoop on Jesse Helms (the dead guy) as a cross dresser. Now, some of my best friends are cross dressers, and cross dressing is a wonderful way of life. But for Jesse Helms it must have involved not only using a different closet, but staying in that closet.

That is all.


  1. #1 wazza
    July 18, 2008

    Straight guys can cross-dress too… but, admittedly, not straight republicans, not with a straight face…

    (I should point out that my own sex life is very meat-and-two-veg*, apart from the internet trans-species role-play/bondage)

    *Not a euphemism for male genitalia, but reference to a very boring meal

    I shall stop now before I tie myself in knots.