You say tomato, I say tomalley .

Tomalley. Mmmmmm… That is the green yeck inside the body of a lobster that seems to be neither muscle or organ. But you can eat it and it tastes good. But don’t eat it for now if your lobster is from Maine…

The Maine Center for Disease Control said Friday

Maine has a center for disease control? Oh, OK…

The Maine Center for Disease Control said Friday that lobster meat is perfectly safe but that people should not eat the tomalley …

High levels of toxic algae known as red tide have been recorded along Maine’s coast this summer, forcing the state to close many areas to clam and mussel harvesting. Tomalley functions as the lobster’s liver by serving as a natural filter for contaminants that are in the water.


In the mean time, you can’t eat tomalley, but you can eat tomato.

Federal officials, unable to develop explain what gave 1,200 people food poisoning, have called off the warning to avoid tomatoes. As far as I know not a single contaminated tomato has been identified. The succulent vegetable-like fruit has taken a bad rap and tomato growers are hurting. (details here)


  1. #1 JanieBelle
    July 20, 2008

    Y’know, it’s just cool that the lobster evolved a different way of doing liver stuff. (That’s the biologically technical jargon.)

    I didn’t know that, though I confess I’m not a crustaceanologistical scientist (sorry bout the more technical jargon).